New way of communication

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Personalization can help you win at highly competitive market by:

Boost conversion rate

Improving communication that drive sale.

Skyrocket your sale

Upgrade your sales process to be proactive 24/7

Increase your NET margin

Establish system that can increase CLV

What can you gain from AI Personalization?

Find out how you can benefit from AI-powered tools.

Personalized communication

Personalization starts with a shift in communication.

Here we are talking about the situation when you address your customers directly, showing them that you understand their pains and needs.

Moreover, you show them a situation where they can recognize themselves and suggest solutions based on your product or service and their profile as a win-win solution.

Avoiding data overload

Too much data can cause a similar problem. If you want to improve user experience, but not sure which information is viable, it may be tough to figure out which data sets to use in order to support your decisions.

Analysis paralysis is another issue – when deciding, you get caught up in the process and wind up never even choosing one. It is rather easy for the AI to handle and sift through the huge amount of data, while it would be difficult for you and the rest of your employees.

AI programs aren’t limited to gathering and sorting the information you need. They also can help you determine which data sets are more valuable and how they should be used.

Managing user profile

Building a mobile app, you want it to have a high level of engagement to guarantee its success. Your app shouldn’t be over-personalized either; this narrows your audience. By building a profile for each user, you will have access to the most accurate and up-to-date information about them.

However, users grow and behaviors change every day. Personalization using AI can constantly edit and update profiles to show a current representation of the user. It also makes the experience as personal as possible for everyone.

Improve your marketing efficency

Personalized marketing has an unequivocal role to play in modern business settings.

The rise of social media, mobile apps, Live Chat assistants, and customer management software enables brands to develop closer relationships with customers.

Engaging with your customers by using personalized marketing

Addressing customers by their first or last name is more engaging than sending a marketing message that reads, Dear customer, This generic approach is often dealt with by using the delete button.

Personalized marketing has to focus on making the customer feel special. Treat them like a friend that cares rather than just another person you are trying to prize money out of.

By keeping precise records of consumer data, you can use customer information to create special offers and marketing messages that you know will be of interest to your customers.

Consumers demand relevance. They are not happy to receive marketing messages for generic products and services they have no interest in. People typically unsubscribe from mailing lists if they receive to many misplaced or irrelevant ads.

How To Start?

With Data Assessment.

Whether you use some other solutions for analytics and reporting or this is your first time getting to know how AI and ML can help you leverage your business, the first step always starts with the Data Assessment.

The process starts with our experts evaluating your current data quality situation like pointing out the data source, quantity and impact of any data items that breach pre-defined data quality rules. This is a starting point for us to create a proper Data Strategy for your business and help you achieve KPIs your business have. 

Send us a message and our consultants will follow up with a proper plan for you.

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