Fraud prevention AI and ML based system

Diagnose fraud before it is too late.


Fraud Detection can help you save your business by:

Find correlations in data

System will find hidden correlations in your data that will create patterns to be analyzed.

Recognize critical points

Proactively monitor all business critical points. Having to know bottlenecks will help you setup fraud detection system.

Instant judgments

Establish system that can instantly judge if the transaction is fraudulent or not.

What can you gain from Fraud Detection?

Find out how you can benefit from AI-powered tools.

Predict any kind of fraud

By having the opportunity to predict whether an element will be anomalous in the next X hours - no matter if you are in the banking or insurance business - this solution gives you the know-how to diagnose, detect and even prevent fraud.

This tool helps you establish a preventive system and saves you time and money on solving potential future anomalies and dealing with the consequences.

Finding hidden and implicit correlations in data

Machine learning and AI track and process variables such as a transaction, size, location, time, device, and purchase data in order to deliver insightful and actionable information.

Solver Fraud detection system assesses account behavior in each given operation and provides real-time estumation on whether a transaction is fraudulent or not.


With Data Assessment.

Whether you use some other solutions for analytics and reporting or this is your first time getting to know how AI and ML can help you leverage your business, the first step always starts with the Data Assessment.

The process starts with our experts evaluating your current data quality situation like pointing out the data source, quantity and impact of any data items that breach pre-defined data quality rules. This is a starting point for us to create a proper Data Strategy for your business and help you achieve KPIs your business have. 

Send us a message and our consultants will follow up with a proper plan for you.

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